Following the cancellation of Jacket Required's July edition, moving forwards the menswear portfolio will be curated by Karen Radley, Founder and MD of Scoop. This new edit of menswear collections will mirror the premium line-up of Scoop's women's fashion labels and will be part of the show's exciting September 2021 edition.

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14 January 2016

Detailed Distinction

For many a menswear brand, in a fast moving fashion landscape – it's not the devil, but the difference that is in the detail. From rough sketches, pattern cutting and fabric choice – every design decision along the way contributes to the finished product and it's that attention to detail which will disparate one designer and their collection from another, in turn allowing stores to offering a distinction in its product and brand variety season upon season.

For the modern man, style and selection is not simply limited to what lies in his wardrobe – as personal taste resonates through to day to day items and necessities which are more than just added luxuries. It's not just clothes that make the man – but indeed the components which complete an individual's look and give insight into interest, attitude and opinion.

This season at Jacket Required, we welcome further brands to the line up to offer a comprehensive combination that includes grooming and perfumery products, luggage and leather goods through to stationery and other luxury lifestyle accessories. See the full list of brands joining us so far on the Jacket Required website.
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Honouring noble traditions and drawing on timeless knowledge and passion with the desire to transmit precious memories to future generations, EXTRAIT D'ATELIER gives life to a new range of exquisite and essential perfumes.

Rooted in an artistic and artisan past, each essence captures the magic and poetry of ancient crafts in a bottle. A hymn to sublime savoir-faire, precious drops of perfume fuse with tradition and innovation. In line with a philosophy that aspires to be a lifestyle choice, rather than a mere product - EXTRAIT D'ATELIER seeks to inspire its wearers to pause and reflect as they savor the scent and feel its unique sensation on their skin. 


Eastpak has been making bags that incite people to move since 1952. An authentic, American global lifestyle brand – having originally supplied safety equipment, duffel bags and packs worn on the backs of G.I.'s; Mark Goldman transformed his father's company in 1976 – moving its innovative offering out of the woods and into the city to satisfy the street-smart urban insider and civilian life.

For carrying everything you need in style wherever life takes you, the brand’s strong foundation cements that the same commitment for quality is upheld in the design and manufacture of its current offering of bags, travel gear and accessories as was shown in its military-issue packs and U.S. Army duffels. A long-standing American label with a tale to tell, Eastpak draws upon its rich history for each season's collection and notable collaborations with designers including Raf Simons, A.P.C. and Wood Wood.

Famed for sophistication, durability and functionality – Eastpak gives freedom to experience the city, reinventing the concept of urban utility for urban mobility. A chance to create your own story whether across town, or across the globe.


As teenagers living in late 1980s Southern California, founders Dan Maravilla and Trent Valladares were brought together by a shared love of music. As band-mates, the duo worked their way up the local club scene in Los Angeles with an eclectic approach mixing jazz, funk, fusion, soul and rock in an alternative style – seeking to create something a step away from the expected. A foray into clothing soon followed as the pair made their own apparel and accessories, soon launching as a start up with a focus on headwear, watches, small leather goods, backpacks and knitwear – originally designing and manufacturing for established labels before launching HEX, some twenty-plus-years since Maravilla and Valladares' first steps into fashion.

Born from a goal and desire to create timeless products for modern living, HEX believes every design should be both beautiful and functional, with aesthetics and performance harmoniously balanced. Such pure innovation lays the foundation for products crafted from premium quality, hand-selected materials that aren't satisfied in only protecting every-day technology but instead seek to inspire, design, transcend and enhance it. 


Iconic notebook collection Nuuna is crafted from extraordinary cover materials, selected paper, powerful colours and uncompromising attention to detail that makes it absolutely indispensable for stationery lovers and creative professionals. Its range of paper journals are equipped with premium Muken Polar paper from Sweden – high-quality, uncoated, fine and environmentally friendly. Manufactured in Germany with 100 per cent passion and dedication to ensure they last longer, feel better and look stunning.

Bringing about an end to boring notebooks, with features including glow in the dark and heat reactive covers – this stationery isn't just notably nicer but small design objects and collector's items. Creative tools, a place for ideas – that's what they should look like. As a store for spontenatiey, impressions, thoughts, moods and sketches – a journal becomes more precious and personal with each brief note and every coffee stain.

Happy Socks

It all started under the cloud-ridden April sky of another expected late-coming Swedish spring in 2008. A vision shared by two friends to turn an everyday essential into a piece of colourful design – offering the ultimate level of craftsmanship, creativity and quality. 

Happy Socks collective bring this colourful concept to life, perfecting the idea there is a pair of high-quality socks for each and every occasion, mind-set and style on every continent. With an endless array of experimental designs and patterns not just limited to stripes, polka dots and geometric shapes, played out in varied and vast colour spectrum – the brand continues to experiment with new colour combinations, dominating the sock market loudly and proudly.


Luxury becomes legacy as purveyors of lighters, pens, leather goods, cufflinks, belts celebrate the French art of writing, fire, travel, seduction and living well. From luxury trunks and travel cases to exquisitely crafted writing instruments and lighters, S.T.Dupont has built a strong tradition of excellence ever since it was founded in 1872 by Simon Tissot Dupont, the photographer for Napoleon III.

The chosen and preferred supplier of the world’s elite for over 140 years – visionaries and artists to the influential and individual, world leaders and royalty – from Coco Chanel to Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Jackie Kennedy Onassis - S.T.Duont creates exceptional products for exceptional people.


Taking its brand name from the main character in Italo Calvino's, Mr Palomar – a novel about skies and stars, lawns and waves, and a protagonist who observes such natural phenomenon. With this in mind, Palomar create uniquely designed and timeless products to satisfy the most basic of needs – giving new meaning to the individual experience of looking, contemplating time and representing space.

With a range including stylish and uniquely designed bike lights and bells, travel map diaries, wall maps and children’s city maps, the brand's iconic product is the Crumpled City Map. The lightest map in the world – indestructible, soft, waterproof – printed on special technological material that can be crumpled, squashed and crushed into a ball and crammed into your pocket, backpack or the carrying pouch provided; without having to worry about refolding it along the original creases. What's more, the more battered they are, the better they look!