Following the cancellation of Jacket Required's July edition, moving forwards the menswear portfolio will be curated by Karen Radley, Founder and MD of Scoop. This new edit of menswear collections will mirror the premium line-up of Scoop's women's fashion labels and will be part of the show's exciting September 2021 edition.

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21 April 2016

Jacket Required AW16 x The Highlights - Footwear

Footwear has an element of nostalgia not often found within apparel. Whether it's the trainers that fulfilled our teenage rebellion against school shoes, or the boots that brought us together within subcultures, footwear has remained symbolic throughout the decades. Longevity and cleanliness of footwear have prevailed over the years as collectors survey the latest releases, and styles of old have been refreshed and revived to celebrate their original status and importance. 

At Jacket Required, we looked at redesigns and reinventions, the block colour sneakers and the timeless boots. Footwear only takes gradual steps in changing, so as to not break the formula of something that is iconic but essential for every man's wardrobe.   


Gourmet Footwear


"Sneakers used to be called plimsolls or gymshoes in PE when I was a kid – black canvas slip ons, gutties, then white lace-ups from Woolworths. The adidas kick was the first branded shoe that I ever desired. By then they were called trainers. My first attempt to obtain some misfired when my dad wouldn't cough up the 14 quid, so I had to settle for the Mitre equivalent at £9.99.

"After that, Puma upped the game on adi' with the Dalglish with silver branding, and a Scottish ambassador. The journey continued via the Puma Meteor and G Vilas for breakdancing, and then adidas Lendl Court, Nike Vortex and New Balance 420s for the weekends on the terraces. Then came raving and with it the Made in France adidas shell-toes and Puma States.

Nowadays my budget’s a little bigger and my access a little broader, so there's a plethora of choices: Gourmet, Buscemi, Native, Zespa, Air Max and Made in USA New Balance. Whichever way you put it, plimsolls, gutties, trainers and now sneakers have been an integral part of mine, and most men's lives, and will continue to be from the cradle to the grave."

- Craig Ford. Founder, a number of names*

Clarks Originals


G.H. Bass & Co.
Art Direction - Desktop Desktop for Home Studios
Photography - Dom Fleming
Styling/Words: Karlmond Tang

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27 & 28 July 2016
The Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QL