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28 January 2016

Jacket Required Presents x Grandpa

Södermannagatan 21
116 40

Spread out over 14 islands at the mouth of freshwater Lake Mälaren lies Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. Rich in cultural heritage, some 700 years of history are told through architecture: buildings, palaces and museums. Looking out across the Baltic Sea from the south-central east coast, the city – connected by 57 bridges and surrounded by vast forests – is home to an array of neighbourhoods, each with its own individual identity within the archipelago municipality.

Scandinavia has long been renowned for its affinity for fashion and design – an eclectic mix of simplicity and creativity, whether on the runway, in interior design and craftsmanship or for its inhabitants’ effortless street style. An embodiment of all that’s cool can be found in SOFO, Södermalm, at Swedish store Grandpa.

Founded in 2003, the store offers an alternative type of shopping experience, where service, atmosphere and inspiration are top priority. With a mix of Scandinavian and international fashion, along with vintage finds and lifestyle product, the store places quality above all else, to give a new perspective to retail – no brand is ever more important than the product itself.

Having opened a second store, its flagship, in Kungsholmen, Stockholm in 2007 and another in Göteborg, Grandpa is a store, with a heart, that feels like home. As the brand’s Managing Director, Helene Carlsson, tells Jacket Required, “Grandpa was born out of an idea to create a shop with focus on service and atmosphere. A place where you get inspired and included in a community of friends.

“I believe Grandpa offers a point of difference to other menswear stores due to our wide range, and in our assortment. The way we mix clothes with interior design and high-end fashion with basic brands.

“We maintain a careful approach to brand selection, yet we are happy to carry a wide variety and look to source new names. Those labels that work hard to promote sustainability and standout design succeed in store – Uniforms for the Dedicated and Patagonia are always worth being pointed out. For autumn/winter 2016, even though it might not be counted as a trend, I would love to see more brands work towards creating a sustainable collection: embracing a design philosophy, with an increased social responsibility and awareness regarding our impact on the environment.

“At Grandpa, we work a lot with photography to create the same atmosphere throughout the stores and carry this same appearance and presentation through to our online presence. To us, the service and the contact with our customers is highly prioritised. We communicate on several social media platforms and by email to maintain contact with our visitors, customers and community members. In combination with our webshop, we believe this is the optimum way to translate our store experience and concept to the internet.

“With three different stores in Sweden, each location gives us a different opportunity to present a cohesive retailing experience adapting our offering due to size, or the architecture of the building, for example. In spite of that we try to keep our concept intact – recognition is very important to us as we endeavour to create the same atmosphere wherever you meet Grandpa.”