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26 January 2015

Jacket Required Presents x Sneakers n Stuff

107-108 Shoreditch High Street
E1 6JN

During a successful trip to New York back in 1999, Swedish duo Erik Fargerlind and Peter Janson were struck by the number of exclusive goods absent in their home country. With both having lengthy work experience within the field of sporting goods, as well as being crazed sneaker collectors, the pair headed back to Stockholm to establish Sneakersnstuff as an alternative to the big retail chains dominating the market in the city. Later in the May of the same year, the launch of the webstore satisfied the rest of Sweden, selling hard-to-get sneakers and streetwear across the whole country.

Fifteen years later, and now known around the world for its exclusive selection, Sneakersnstuff decided to open up in London, one of Europe’s biggest markets. And this is where Mubi Ali comes in. He was recruited from Asos-owned trainer website Crooked Tongues to run the first store outside Sweden on East London's ever evolving Shoreditch High Street. Previously an executive for Nike Sportswear, Ali is no stranger to the business, and with a shared passion - bordering on obsession - for trainers, is the unmitigated guide for the store's expansion into Britain - creating a new true destination for all sneaker heads.

Last week, the Jacket Required team headed down the road to the 2000 sq ft shop. Among endless shelves of limited-edition trainer releases, sneaker enthusiast Mubi Ali shared his thoughts on life in London, sports and streetwear for the next instalment in its series of store visits.

"My personal taste has not changed much over the years. Admittedly, I did have a period during my college days in the late-nineties where I dressed head-to-toe in Moschino, Versace, Iceberg, Armani and Patrick Cox... I guess it was the Garage scene and my mates that got me into all of those brands. A great period in my life, but something that was not sustainable for me.

My style generally developed from my love for trainers and the whole industry based around sportswear and streetwear. In a nut shell I wear 'streetwear' on a daily basis and have pretty much looked the same since my University days. If you see any photographs of me from the late 90s early 00s it's simply hoodies, tees and jeans. My outfit needs to be functional, comfortable and importantly also must complement my trainers. There have been various trends within streetwear and I think it's safe to say I've been through them all, yet always end up going back to the basics. It has been a privilege working in this industry, as I've never had to wear a suit or hard shoes and really think about anything."

"Growing up in London, over the years I've seen such a diverse mix of culture, and for me personally I really wanted to wear different clothes and brands to the general public I guess. There was so much to discover and see how outsiders dressed and what labels they were into. Before the internet, it was really nice to have something nobody else was wearing or knew about - making discoveries and shopping at places like Duffer, Hideout, Footpatrol and Stussy. I generally got to know the same people that were out and about and that were associated with the industry I loved and worked in, and from there you made connections and hooked each other and shared information."

"Personally, I only see value in classic style, hence why I only look to spend on classic brands that can last for ever. The items I have in my wardrobe, I can't see going out of fashion at all and will always stay relevant. Contemporary style is now only, once it's out of season it arguably looks dated and irrelevant, unless you buy a classic piece that has a neutral colour and shape.

My wardrobe is very simple: Supreme, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren, Nike and Adidas. Yes, I have loads of other bits and pieces but these labels dominate my wardrobe. I aim to spend as little as possible, the only brand I pay full price for is probably Supreme. If I can, I try to get to sample sales to get as much discount as I can on all other brands. Working within the industry is a blessing and curse at the same time - yes I get great deals and a few hook ups here and there, but then on the other hand I have 150 sq ft of storage burning a regular monthly hole in my pocket because I don't want to let go of anything and I generally want everything. I can be quite obsessive with my wants and needs, but I guess that’s what makes me who I am today."

Photography with thanks to Karlmond Tang.

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