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20 July 2015

Jacket Required Presents x The Kinfolk Store

The Kinfolk Store
94 Wythe Ave
New York


A bridge across the East River’s salt-water tidal strait from the skyline of contiguous island Manhattan, the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Williamsburg proudly resides as one of the most culturally vibrant enclaves of New York City. Previously a working-class, industrial area, the borough has transformed over the last 15 years, to now boast many of New York’s finest art galleries, a thriving nightlife scene, the city’s best artisanal coffee shops and top culinary destinations.

Hipster references aside, Williamsburg has long been recognised as an international style capital within the bar-soaked city – anchored in an independent culture that remains true to dynamic creativity. 

Among the eclectic boutiques and hotel rooftop bars of the Wythe Corridor, opened last year, The Kinfolk Store at 94 Wythe Avenue brings something new and exciting to its place on the grid, in the same way Kinfolk Studios, now known as Kinfolk 90 had done two years before. Defining itself as a “multiuse creative space”, its menswear boutique at the front stocks unisex accessories, selected home goods and clothing labels both varied and refined, including Bleu de Paname, Wings+Horns, La Paz and of course its very own Kinfolk label.

Formed in 2008 by friends from New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo – the concept evolved from a collaborative desire to make products and experiences they’d imagined, but weren’t able to find. Setting out to discover the best designers and builders to create a unique experience, the lifestyle brand has created a mini-Empire, a cafĂ©, nightclub-come-art-gallery hosted inside a geodesic, cedar wood dome; and now, Kinfolk's menswear shop – rugged yet refined. It’s a complete offering for a diverse group of distinguished men.

Creative Director Jey Perie – buyer and visionary – has curated the entire space and also steers the direction of its in-house label as lead designer. Born in France, and having spent time in Asia and Europe, his influences are drawn from travel and exploration. Today, Jacket Required presents The Kinfolk Store through the eyes of Jey Perie, and discovers further insight into his vision of a Kinfolk Life.

“The name itself comes, like much great inspiration, directly from rap music. One of Kinfolk’s founders was listening to rapper Nas, who has a song called Get Down on his polarising 2002 LP, God’s Son. There was a company that included Kinfolk’s principles that existed before Kinfolk, but this latest endeavour, with all of its diverse ambitions, would need a new title to represent the familial bond of all those who’d go on help it to succeed. “My folk against your folk but we all Kinfolk,” is the line that struck a chord one evening and birthed the named of an institution.”

“When it comes to my personal aesthetic. I usually stay true to a couple of classic silhouette that have been part of my wardrobe for the last decade. I also leave room for seasonal changes. I’m influenced by my environment and the city I live in. Certain aspects of my style changed when I moved from Tokyo to New York. The codes are different from city to city and I enjoy learning them and slowly adapting to a new environment. It’s part of the cultural transition one needs to go through when the drastic changes of life occur.”

“Most of Brooklyn based customers we have are in their late 20s early 30s, already have a well define style and look for pieces to add to their already solid wardrobe. They aren’t usually brand driven but simply recognise quality garments, good fabric and well-design clothing. Being located in Williamsburg, we also attract a lot of people from Manhattan looking for something different, and visitors from Japan, Scandinavia, Britain or Korea who already know about us and want to see us when they are in town.”

“My entire aesthetic is based on that contemporary and classic mix, especially when it comes to fabric. Never hesitate to layer leather over denim over Gore-tex windbreaker. More than a style statement – it’s a necessity in our brick cold NY winter. I tend to wear a lot of Bedwin & The Heartbreakers, Ralph Lauren, Wacko Maria, Issey Miyake, Lewis Leather, Levi’s, Lee, The North Face Purple Label and a lot of Kinfolk obviously.”

“I believe The Kinfolk Store success is also a result of that mix. With brands like Maharishi, Bedwin, N. HOOLYWOOD and YMC, we offer a modern take on menswear inspired by classic sportswear but pushing the envelope design-wise with a very contemporary choice of fabric and colour. On the other hand, brands like Muller & Bros, Lewis Leathers or Browns Beach Clothing are in my opinion still the best, reproducing timeless pieces that are still relevant today in every man’s wardrobe.”

Kinfolk will exhibit its ready-to-wear collection at the spring/summer 2016 edition of Jacket Required. 

Photography with thanks to Brian Boulos.