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06 January 2015

Jacket Required Presents x Trunk Clothiers

Trunk Clothiers
8 Chiltern Street

Long before Hotelier André Balazs opened his Firehouse in the heart of London's Marylebone neighbourhood, Chiltern Street's iconic red-bricked stretch has provided a must visit collection of individual shops and cafés in a habitat of Victorian-gothic architecture. Recently voted by Condé Nast Traveler US as London's coolest street, number eight is home to Trunk Clothiers, purveyor of the highest quality menswear and accessories from the less explored corners of Japan, Italy, the UK, Sweden and the US since its launch in September 2010. Esteemed brands such as Beams+, Aspesi, Montedoro, Barena, Zanone and J Crew have all made their London debuts with the store.
The man now responsible for overseeing the running and buying for both Trunk Clothiers and Trunk LABS - its dedicated accessories shop down the road at number 34 - is Tim Yates - coffee drinking, Hackney living, Economist reading menswear enthusiast. With a background in web design, Yates uses his eye for detail to offer an impeccable selection, helping the team at Trunk to offer a new style of retailing to a loyal following of devotees - many of which are on first name terms with the staff at both shops. Yates invited the Jacket Required team into a world of distinguished product discovery, first class service and a glimpse into personal style influenced by the independent designer collective. And so, today, Jacket Required presents Tim Yates, Retail Director at Trunk.

"There's an ever-present question in the world of fashion generally - and of course retail - regarding whether people see more strength in the contemporary or the classic. For me, it has to be a mix of the two. I don't like it when people dress as though it's 1940 or whatever, but I like aspects of that nature. What I really like, is classic style but in a contemporary context." 

"My wardrobe is home to a fair amount of Boglioli and Caruso. Shirts are generally Italian, jeans are APC or Edwin, T-shirts are Everlane or Sunspel, while when it comes to footwear, my shoes of choice are Crocket & Jones, while trainers have to be Common Project or Nike."

"Growing up in London, there was an emphasis on music culture from both here and the US, but then I’ve always liked tailoring from the UK and Europe, and you have to admire the way a lot of Italian, French, Japanese and Scandinavians wear things, so again, I think it’s the mix that I like. It doesn’t have to be flashy or particularly noticeable, but certain people wear certain things well and that’s what I hold an appreciation for."

"London has a real mish-mash of cultures and styles and that's exactly what excites me about living here - it’s definitely had an impact on the way I dress and my preferences. My personal taste has admittedly had its ups and downs - but basically what I wear is a variation on what my grandfather would have worn. It's what I consider to be fairly English, classic style. Maybe the trousers are slimmer and the jackets are shorter, but otherwise there’s not much in it."


Photography with thanks to Dean Martindale.