Following the cancellation of Jacket Required's July edition, moving forwards the menswear portfolio will be curated by Karen Radley, Founder and MD of Scoop. This new edit of menswear collections will mirror the premium line-up of Scoop's women's fashion labels and will be part of the show's exciting September 2021 edition.

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28 November 2019

Made in the UK: the power of British fashion

The “Made in Britain” label packs considerable punch in the fashion world. From the tailoring prowess of Savile Row to the footwear expertise of Northampton’s shoemakers, our green and pleasant land is pretty prolific where fashion is concerned.

The power of the UK name shouldn’t be underestimated. British fashion is nothing if not synonymous with quality, credibility and class, not to mention heritage.

And, with the fashion industry coming under more scrutiny every day, these values are more important than ever, for brands and consumers alike.

Whilst heritage is key, it’s not just nostalgia driving a shift in priorities. For brands, there’s less and less reason to outsource their operations overseas, with unethical labour standards coming under fire and rising costs making traditionally cheap manufacturing destinations unsustainable in business terms.

But it’s not just in business terms that sustainability is coming into question. Sustainability is the word on everybody’s lips when it comes to talking eco-friendly fashion. For British and European brands, the UK sourcing and manufacture market is looking more and more attractive as consumers look to buy into a greener way of dressing.

Of course, we pride ourselves on our curated international line-up of groundbreaking brands, but it’s equally gratifying to see the UK flying the flag for fashion. With plenty of uncertainty coming up in the political and economic environment, it’s more important than ever to stand strong and build lasting business relationships both at home and abroad.  

As always, Jacket Required will be flying the flag for British fashion this AW20 season, with exciting new names like Pantherella joining the line-up and UK bellwethers such as Cheaney Shoes returning to The Old Truman Brewery.

Be a part of Jacket Required’s fashion collective at The Old Truman Brewery for the AW20 season this 22nd and 23rd January.