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14 June 2019

The Jacket Required SS20 Line Up: Fjӓllrӓven


Swedish brand Fjӓllrӓven have become a cult favourite in recent years. In true Scandi style, simplicity and practicality are the watchwords for Fjӓllrӓven, and a respect for the environment underpins each element of the design process. We spoke to Ralph White, Managing Director of Fjӓllrӓven UK to find out more about the iconic outdoor brand.


Tell us the story behind Fjällräven – how did the brand start?

Fjӓllrӓven is backed by almost 60 years of heritage, producing durable, timeless and functional outdoor gear.
The brand’s story began in 1960 when a young man named Åke Nordin started manufacturing innovative framed backpacks from his basement in the Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik. Åke was convinced there must always be a more practical solution to staying comfortable while out in nature and this mindset meant over the years Fjӓllrӓven’s range of products expanded rapidly to include the first ever double-layered tent, lightweight and fast-drying outdoor clothing and, of course, the iconic Kånken schoolbag in 1978.
From its early days in the north of Sweden, Fjӓllrӓven’s journey has since taken it all over the globe and its extensive range of timeless, functional and sustainable, Scandinavian-designed clothing is now popular the world over.


Why is sustainability so important to you as a brand?

When it was founded more than 50 years ago, one of Fjӓllrӓven’s founding principles was to ‘act responsibly towards nature, animals and people’. Today, this mission remains at the heart of the company’s everyday practice and choosing the most sustainable path is central to Fjӓllrӓven’s approach.

Everything we do has an impact on the world around us and the people and animals that inhabit it. As an outdoor company, Fjӓllrӓven is extremely aware of this impact and does its utmost to keep its environmental footprint as small as possible.

Nature is part of every decision the company makes. From choosing the most sustainable fabrics to creating timeless and long-lasting products that have a smaller footprint and can be handed down from one generation of outdoor lovers to the next.  However, this approach isn’t easy, and the brand can never be satisfied that what they’re doing is enough. The aim to be as sustainable as possible requires constant review, innovation and self-examination but this is a central part of the brand’s philosophy – there is always room to improve.



Fjällräven has become something of a cult brand – what do you attribute this success to?

Part of Fjӓllrӓven’s ethos is to create durable and timeless equipment that can be used for many years and then passed on to the next generation. This commitment to creating long-lasting pieces means that many of the brand’s most popular products such as the popular Greenland Jacket have been part of the range (and largely unchanged) for over 50 years, earning themselves something of a ‘cult’ status amongst both lifestyle customers and outdoor enthusiasts.

As a brand, Fjӓllrӓven has also stayed very true to the original brand pillars created by its founder back in 1960. This genuine and ongoing commitment to its brand positioning, combined with a range of great products, has succeeded in creating a very loyal group of Fjӓllrӓven advocates and fans.


Why are you exhibiting at Jacket Required this season?

Although originally an ‘outdoor’ brand, Fjӓllrӓven’s combination of functional features, minimalist Scandinavian design and carefully selected fabrics has made it a popular choice amongst lifestyle customers too. In line with its growth in this market, over the past few seasons Fjӓllrӓven has added more and more cross-over products into its range which has helped support significant growth within lifestyle and fashion retailers. Jacket Required offers a great platform for the brand to showcase its new and bestselling products to a great selection of quality retailers that will share Fjӓllrӓven’s values and understand its USPs in order to help it continue to grow. 


What will you be bringing to the SS20 edition?

In addition to its existing bestsellers like the Greenland Jacket and Kånken, at Jacket Required Fjӓllrӓven will unveil its new SS20 collection. Designed with warm, summer conditions in mind, the latest range includes lightweight, new additions to the popular High Coast collection as well as exciting new members of the Kånken family.

Showcase next to Fjӓllrӓven and discover more exciting emerging and established brands. Join us at Jacket Required SS20 on 24th & 25th July 2019.