Following the cancellation of Jacket Required's July edition, moving forwards the menswear portfolio will be curated by Karen Radley, Founder and MD of Scoop. This new edit of menswear collections will mirror the premium line-up of Scoop's women's fashion labels and will be part of the show's exciting September 2021 edition.

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02 July 2019

The Jacket Required SS20 Line Up: Sneaky Steve

It’s always exciting to welcome charismatic brands to the Jacket Required line-up, and we could think of no one better than Scandi brand Sneaky Steve to fill this criteria. With their clean lines and minimalistic designs, Sneaky Steve are the definition of Scandi style. However, their lines are never without character, and it’s this that sets them apart. Find out more about Sneaky Steve from sales director Kristian Torsson ahead of the SS20 edition.


Tell us the story behind Sneaky Steve – how did the brand start?

The brand Sneaky Steve was born based on a true will to make a difference and to challenge the traditional footwear industry. Our very first designs landed at the Sneaky Steve office in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2007 and were at once strongly inspired from the sneakers world but very different. After the launch of the brand, the crew behind Sneaky Steve experienced an increasing demand for the products from consumers (we like to call them friends) influenced by the urban culture of Gothenburg.
12 years later, Sneaky Steve has grown into a full scale footwear brand with genuine leather boots, hybrids between sneakers and traditional men's shoes. Our products can be found in countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, and Israel.


How would you describe the Sneaky Steve aesthetic?

Sneaky Steve is a brand that cares about the quality in both materials and design. A signature look for us clean designs, but always with a twist, encompassing the true Sneaky Steve spirit in details and shapes.


What inspired the new collection? Are there any themes we should be looking out for?

For SS20 we have focused on clean sneakers but also on rock ´n roll inspired edgy styles for women with a lot of new colourful animal prints etc. We want to keep our offering wide, so we always design a range of styles within our collections to cater to many occasions and wearers; everything between more clean and casual looks to edgier styles.


How do your Swedish roots come through in the pieces you design?

Our aesthetics are true to our Scandi roots. Our Swedish-ness comes through in our clean, simple designs which are made using high quality materials without losing the essence of uniqueness that sets Sneaky Steve apart.
We care a lot about the fact that all our shoes are produced in Europe, in a sustainable environment using sustainable materials.


Why are you exhibiting at Jacket Required this season?

We put a lot of focus on the UK market and we are growing every season in both the UK and Ireland. Our aesthetic expression is something that fits the current UK market very well and we think that we have something that UK buyers want and need. That’s why we’re bringing Sneaky Steve to the UK through Jacket Required.


What will you be bringing to the SS20 edition?

A spirit of genuine design that breathes passion and dedication for shoes in true Sneaky Steve style.

Discover the Sneaky Steve spirit along with more exciting brands at Jacket Required’s SS20 edition on 24th & 25th July at the Old Truman Brewery.

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