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15 April 2019

The Jacket Required SS20 Line Up: in talks with howies


"The best thing we can do for the environment is make our stuff last longer". That's the philosophy that drives everything sustainable brand howies do. Sustainability is a topic close to our hearts at Jacket Required and it was only natural for us to feature howies. With that in mind, we sat down with sales and marketing director Ade to learn more about howies... 


Tell us the story behind howies - how did the brand start?

Back in the 1995 we knew there was a need for an active sports clothing company with a conscience. Brands just pushed newer, better, faster, obsolete and we knew there was a better way. We wanted to make high quality clothing that would stand the test of time, avoid the pressures of throw away fashion, and would have a lower impact on the planet. All made in audited factories. The other element was to use the voice of the brands to inform our customers of environmental impacts on the planet and give them solutions. We focused on making things stronger, used organic and recycled fibres, or tech fabrics that were not harmful to the environment. The range started with just tees, sweats and denim, and then by 1999 we had added merino into the offering which made us one of the first in the UK to use it in sports wear as well as fashion. In 2001 we launched our first mail order catalogue, but the real leap was when we launched the ecom site in 2004. In the early years low impact fabrics were difficult to source, so we had to make investments in our own Denims, shirting, merino, wool wadding and as we are small and fleet of foot, we were the first brand to remove PFC’s from the range back in the winter of 2016. 

How would you describe the howies aesthetic?

Our design is mostly informed by functionality and simplicity so if it doesn’t need to be there, take it off. Clean design means people will love the items longer.


What inspired the SS19 collection?

For SS19 we worked with a designer in LA and focused on organic denim in Selvedge, black, indigo and colours as the core of the range.

Tell us more about your sustainability story - why is it so important to you?

When we started back in 1995 the move to sustainable manufacture had just begun so back then it was to inform consumers about why we all had to reduce our impact and how we can all do it. In 2019 the press are telling the story of huge damage to our environment caused by our consumption backed up by science, brands have made efforts to change, clothing manufacture is getting cleaner but consumerism continues to grow around the globe and we now face deadlines to make significant changes if we are to prevent irreversible harm to the planet. 
Reducing our impact globally is no longer a CSR exercise or greenwash to a brands image, but must be the core of every business plan.
We want howies to continue to show that you can make great product, have a successful business and not have a detrimental impact on the environment.


Why are you exhibiting at Jacket Required this season?

We get to show howies future season in context within the industry, and we find it’s very well attended by both UK and European buyers.


What will you be bringing to the SS20 edition?

howies is 25 years old in 2020 so expect a reworking of our classic designs in new Organic and recycled fabrics. 

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