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09 June 2020

The lowdown on techwear

You’ve heard of utility, you’ve heard of performance clothing, but have you heard of techwear? This relatively niche menswear trend might be the new kid on the block, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have considerable sway in the fashion world. That’s why we wanted to find out what it’s all about…


The definition

Techwear is kind of a hybrid combination of more mainstream styles. Taking the practicality of utility, the high-tech materials of performance-wear and sports clothing, and some heavy inspiration from outwear trends, techwear’s probably more familiar than you thought. Essentially, techwear does what it says on the tin: it’s technical clothing that does more than just cover your body. It focuses on utilitarian clothing that makes everyday life easier in one way or another, whilst placing emphasis on fit, features, and construction.


The aesthetic

Breathability, insulation, water resistance and extra storage space (also known as pockets) are all core elements of the techwear aesthetic, but it doesn’t end there. Techwear can be broadly described as a kind of sci-fi, futuristic version of utility. Think Keanu Reeves in The Matrix or Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in Hobbs & Shaw. As we’ve just said, techwear puts a lot of focus on technical fabrics.

Techwear is perhaps most prominently an outwear trend; think ski jackets with more style. The Nike and ACG collaboration parka is a perfect example, featuring numerous pockets, a hood that zips up to cover your entire face, and a detachable bomber jacket within that can either act as an individual piece or a layering piece. Other outwear brands who are paving the way for techwear are Arc’teryx, The North Face, Patagonia, Stone Island and techwear originals, ACRONYM.

It’s also dominating the footwear market, with futuristic YEEZYs, adidas and Nike collections combining futuristic aesthetics with high performance elements like cushioned soles and high tops providing comfort and insulation.


The trend

Unsurprisingly, this futuristic trend has the digital sphere to thank for its rise to stardom. Techwear has gained something of a cult following online, with reddit subthreads, like techwearclothing and Instagram hashtags like #acrhive, taking over the menswear space on social media. Techwear has thrived from and resulted in the creation of a brand-new online community, with an “insiders only” policy. Combine that with the exclusivity of the pricing and the limited time only product drops and you’ve got yourself a brand-new style tribe; one that’s not a million times removed from the streetwear phenomenon.

And, call us crazy, but Covid-19’s probably not going to damped techwear’s momentum, either. A trend that’s built on the basis of comfort and protection is sure to be popular as consumers’ mindsets shift coming out of the lockdown.

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