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27 February 2020

The need-to-know: ecommerce and men’s fashion

As far as outdated stereotypes go, the whole “men hate shopping” one is about as far gone as they come. Whilst it may be true that many men hate going to physical stores (as do many women, we hasten to add), the ecommerce revolution has changed the game where menswear is concerned. So, what has ecommerce brought to the table? We’ve broken it down…


Industry growth

“Menswear growth to outstrip womenswear by 2020”. This heading, from Jacket Required partner Drapers, says it all. In 2017, the leading trade publication reported that menswear will contribute £380bn to the global fashion market by this year, a number it is well on its way to achieving, with valuations coming in at £375.4bn at the start of 2019. It’s no surprise that this growth is down, in large part, to an increase in online sales, with menswear set to beat the ecommerce figures of tech, the digital world’s previous bestseller.


Social shopping

We’re social creatures, and a large part of this rise is down to the advent of social shopping. Shoppable posts on platforms like Instagram have made shopping so much easier and more convenient for style-conscious male consumers. Social media has shaped the way men educate themselves about fashion, providing them with a platform which perfectly caters to the “see now, buy now” mindset that we have grown used to.


Convenient customisation

Because no one has the time to get a suit fitted anymore. Online platforms, like Edit Suits Co. and Tailor Store, offer made-to-measure shirts and suits for today’s busy professionals. Other platforms, like Thread offer a personal styling service in the form of a subscription box; powered by algorithms, these platforms take the shopper’s personal preferences to tailor bespoke collections on a monthly basis, taking convenience to a whole new level.

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